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Who we are

Innofsweden is a software company established in Bolivia with Swedish corporate culture. What does Swedish corporate culture mean? Among other things, it is to enjoy and develop your skills individually in a transparent organization, without hierarchy, flexible and open dialogue regardless of the position and where the initiatives of employees are welcome and expected. Quality and long term trust are our key words and we are convinced that this will result in both happy employees and satisfied customers. We offer services within development and quality assurance of software. Our consultants are trained, updated and supervised by a core of Swedish and English professionals with the latest knowledge and kept up to date with trends in software development.

Our Values

We have a solid technical knowledge, and we like to do business. We make a difference through our commitment. We are proactive and we find new solutions. It’s what’s being done that counts – not what can be said. We are characterized by care about others, our customers and our environment. In short, we have a passion for what we do and we are firm.

Customer Success

We really understand the business of our clients. We listen and talk with our clients about their needs, desires and challenges. We focus on solutions that make customers succeed and create value for society. We keep our promises.


We are transparent and we have respect for the individual. We trust that our teams do everything possible and respect the decisions made. We collaborate easily and create excellent results through teamwork and open dialogue. We are trained in what we do and we have the courage to act.


We are proud of the work and the business we do. We are committed to achieve our goals. We see how diversity strengthens us and we try to get the best out of each individual. We admit mistakes, we fix them and we learn from them. We are proud of our achievements and celebrate our successes.



Quality control is one of the areas of expertise of Innofsweden. We have a very solid and accumulated experience in the company. We can help you meet your needs, from projects to general consultancies.

Design, automation, performance, etc. For more detailed information about our services and offers within the QA area, see the following presentation.


Our experienced developers work with the latest technologies and tools. We develop software for web applications, apps, integrated and native systems, etc. Contact us for a discussion on how we can help you and your company.


Innofsweden instructors are available to help teams with working methods. We work to help the teams to have a high performance and self-government. We transform a group of individuals into a team that actively cooperates. This thanks to the values, principles and working methods of Lean and Agile.



Innosweden has participated in Expocruz 2018 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Innofsweden has participated in “Rueda de Negocios”  Expocruz in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.



Innosweden has been allocated to implement the garden application Dyrkla.




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CEO Nordic

Johan Thunberg

CEO South America

Adam Giaina

QA Director

David Tung


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